EVO 4 Annual Service


Mitsubishi Annual Service


Our Glengarnock (Kilbirnie / Beith) garage services cars from throughout Scotland, including performance cars like Sam’s EVO 4 which just needed basic annual servicing (following a purchase).

We did all the usual things like oil, spark plugs, filters, timing belts and even the balance shaft belt, using quality name brand parts.

We don’t just do performance cars, and we don’t just do big projects.  A big part of our day to day operation is brakes, alignment, oil changes, annual servicing – on regular cars, trucks and vans.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular vehicle needs.




Hoffman Alignment Machine


Free Alignment Checks

2-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive

We regularly schedule free alignment checks for vehicle owners in the area – with clear information about how close you car is to factory recommendations.

There’s no charge to find out how your vehicle performs – though we’d be happy if you kept us in mind for future repair and service work.

As Eva Deeva mentioned on the Kilbirnie and Beith community Facebook pages, “Thanks Robb. Got mine done this morning. The alignment was way out. It’s like driving a new car. So glad I got it checked. The mechanics were really helpful and friendly too, explained it all in detail and showed me all the computer readouts. Well worth getting it done.”

Alignments can mean better handling, less tyre wear, increased stability and safety, better fuel economy and your happiness with the vehicle. Call us today and book in your free alignment check.




2008 Spec C Engine Swap


2008 Subaru Impreza STI 

Ashleigh’s Pink Spec C Swap

This car came in with a blown engine (piston with a large hole on top), having been running at 1.9 bar of boost, which it didn’t handle too well.

We replaced the bottom end with one from a Spec C (2.0L), then overhauled the heads (2.5L) and did everything needed for the engine swap.

We finally remapped the ECU and gave it a thorough road test.  It’s absolutely outstanding to drive.  Along the way we also turned an ordinary looking engine into this gorgeous pink beast at Ashleigh’s request.  It now drives as good as it looks.




Series McRae Forged Engine Build


1996 Series McRae 

Subaru Impreza

This one is just now getting electrics finished – so there’s a much more in-depth post to follow later.  But read on for a quick view…

Virtually everything under the bonnet has been upgraded and updated, including using a brand new thick-walled semi-closed deck block forged engine, Spec C heads, billet VF37 hybrid turbo, Process West intake, lightened flywheel, uprated clutch, fuel pump – plus everything needed to support this upgrade.

Though it’s not yet been on the dyno at full boost, we’re hoping to achieve dependable daily driving 400 horsepower and 400 torque, with plenty of low RPM boost for quick acceleration.


McRae No Engine