Engine Service

Annual Service

Vehicle annual servicing can be done at MOT time (and get a 10% discount) or done any time.

While some prefer 6-month check-ups and minor services, the usual plan is a 12-month service as standard. 

Some manufacturers recommend extended servicing done at 20,000 miles (an annual service with a longer interval).  It’s just their way of making it look like they’re saving you money.

Before undertaking any major work, such as annual servicing, we’ll be happy to provide you an up-front quote on the parts and labour.

At the same time, we’ll run your vehicle through our checklist of over 100 inspection items, and let you know if there are any obvious concerns, including any future work that should be planned.  Your safety is our priority!



6-Month Interim Service [6,000 miles]

  • 100 Point Vehicle Inspection: 
  • Visually Inspect – Body, Interior, Suspension
  •  Inspect Wipers, Washers, Coolant
  •  Check Brakes, Lights, Fluids
  •  Check Wipers, Mirrors, Glass
  •  Check Engine, Gearbox, Drivetrain
  •  Check Exhaust, Steering, Fuel System
  •  Check Brakes, Pads, Tyres
  •  Top-Up Fluids
  •  Change Engine Oil + Oil Filter

12-Month Annual Service [12,000 miles]

  •  Everything from 6-Month Service, Plus:
  •  Replace Air Filter
  •  Replace Fuel Filter 
  •  Replace Pollen Filter 
  •  Replace Spark Plugs
  •  Replace Timing Belt(s) 
  •  Replace Brake Pads