Hoffman Alignment Machine


Free Alignment Checks

2-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive

We regularly schedule free alignment checks for vehicle owners in the area – with clear information about how close you car is to factory recommendations.

There’s no charge to find out how your vehicle performs – though we’d be happy if you kept us in mind for future repair and service work.

As Eva Deeva mentioned on the Kilbirnie and Beith community Facebook pages, “Thanks Robb. Got mine done this morning. The alignment was way out. It’s like driving a new car. So glad I got it checked. The mechanics were really helpful and friendly too, explained it all in detail and showed me all the computer readouts. Well worth getting it done.”

Alignments can mean better handling, less tyre wear, increased stability and safety, better fuel economy and your happiness with the vehicle. Call us today and book in your free alignment check.