Fast Street, Track, Rally, Strip, Autocross & Hillclimb

Whatever your preferred use, or combination of uses, we can help you select the perfect combination of parts that will work together to maximise the performance of your car.  Goals and budget can constrain projects, but our labour prices are very affordable and parts prices you’ll love.

Turbocharger Upgrades

Turbocharger Upgrades & Servicing

Sometimes you’ve already got the turbo you want and have no intention of upgrading to something larger.  Turbo’s do need servicing from time to time – they won’t last forever.  If you want inducer/exducer wheel or bearing replacement – no problem.  If you would like a swept billet wheel in your existing housing – no problem.

We also do a lot of turbo upgrades, big-open is the most popular, but more and more people are moving to twin scroll to get that added low-end spool.  Garrett, Borg Warner, Greddy, HKS, Tomei – and several other popular brands are installed daily here.



Engine Swaps and Rebuilding

Engine Swaps & Rebuilding

Not every engine needs swapped out to get more horsepower.  Often times we do projects like replacing with forged internals, bearing / rod / piston upgrades, head swaps or even smaller things like uprated injectors or reversing manifolds.

When you do want/need an engine swap, we’ll go over the cost of the motor itself, plus lay out for you all the things that need to be done at the same time, like gasket sets, fluids, fuel pumps, etc.  If you want a modest, still streetable, upgrade, or want to go full race-mode, we can help you plan, budget and arrange everything required.


Intercooler Front Mount

Intercoolers and Induction Improvements

Many cars with top mount intercoolers will be fine up until 350 horsepower, roughly.  That’s about the time import car owners decide to make the switch to a front mount intercooler.  It gets rid of heat soak under the bonnet and helps lower the air charge temp.

Rotating the intake can reduce a bit of spool-up lag (if you’ve got a front mount intercooler [FMIC]).  We also generally recommend extra air intake capabilities with upgraded filters and plumbing.  Improved air flow is a massive game changer!


ECU Upgrades & ECU Remapping 

Engine management upgrades do much more than give the ability to have anti-lag (pops and bangs) and launch control (RPM regulated take-off from start).  The right ECU can do things like enable AVCS on a classic car that didn’t come with it, regulate traction control to avoid slip, set boost differently in each gear (adding boost as speed increases) and so much more!

Our ECU mapping professionals are able to work on a number of devices across many makes of cars, making sure your car gets the right air-fuel mix, appropriate boost and does it so you don’t blow it to bits in the process.  Plus – it’s not expensive to get a mapping done.

Suspension Upgrades

Custom Suspension & Alignment

Some want coilovers.  Others want a bit of lowering.  Still others need some serious camber for that driftking look.

If you’d like upgraded anti-roll bars, bushings, drop links, wishbones, shocks, struts, or other components, we can help you select the perfect combination to give your performance car the stance it needs.

We can adjust your alignment for fast street, track, or whatever configuration you need.  Of course we can do factory spec too, but why not use some proven speed tweaks?