We’ve Got a Team of Subaru Experts On Hand Daily

Anything from annual services and simple repairs on daily driven ‘regular’ cars all the way up to huge horsepower racing engine builds, turbo swaps and suspension tweaks.  Whether you own a Subaru Impreza Classic, Blob, Bug, Hawkeye, Hatchback or BRZ, Legacy, Forester, Outback, XV, Levorg or other – we’re happy to sort it for you.

Subaru Repair

Standard Repairs and Servicing for Subaru

When you’re needing quality repair work done on your Subaru in and around Beith, Glengarnock, and Kilbirnie in North Ayrshire, JMA Motorsport is the obvious choice.  We have people from Glasgow to Ayr and beyond bringing cars in for servicing.

Sure, we do brakes, alignments, tyres and 100’s of other basic Subaru repairs at our shop.  Ideally, you’ll bring the car in so we can have a look, give you a repair estimate and put it on the calendar.

We guarantee our workmanship, and use only quality parts.


Turbocharger Upgrades

Subaru Turbocharger Servicing and Upgrades

Turbo’s don’t last forever, unfortunately, which is why we regularly repair turbochargers (often just the cartridge or bearings in the inside) and also find pipework around turbos needing replaced, heat wrapped or blanketed – because of the extreme heat..

For performance enthusiasts, we do a lot of turbo upgrades, including TD and VF series turbos (open and twin scroll), plus Garrett, Borg Warner and more.  When you want more power, a turbo upgrade is a great way to achieve it – keeping in mind there may be several other parts needing upgraded at that time (fuel pump, air intake, front mount intercooler).



Engine Swaps and Rebuilding

Subaru Engine Repair, Rebuild and Swap

From simple things like Subaru annual service (spark plugs, oil + filter, air filter, timing belt, etc) to in-depth repair, like blown head gaskets, snapped timing belts, bent valves, we’re able to take care of everything needed – no problem. 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0+ engines service here.

If you’re looking for more power and would like forged components rebuilt into your existing engine, we can do that.  If you’d prefer upgrading to a 400hp semi-closed deck block or 400++ closed deck block, we can build a motor to whatever spec you need – 450, 500, 600, or more horsepower.  We build fast street and track engines daily.


Intercooler Front Mount

Subaru Induction Repair or Upgrade

Some car owners want better performance without massive changes.  This could sometimes mean an upgraded top mount intercooler, to more efficiently cool the air before it enters the engine – without going to the trouble and expense of switching to a front mount intercooler.  We can do either, no problem.

Increasing the air intake capabilities with things like larger intake hoses, larger cone intake filters and generally removing restrictions from the engine breathing at max – are all easily, and inexpensive to sort.


Subaru ECU Mapping & ECU Remapping 

Depending on the year of your Subaru, you could have any of a number of possible ECU’s.  Some of these are much easier to program, or map, than others, which means you may be able to easily get a performance boost with just a remap.

In some cases, you may need to upgrade your engine management system with an add-on board, like ESL (good for classics) or consider making the move to a modern, high-tech solution like Link ECU.  We’re an authorised Link dealer and can help you identify the best, and most affordable way of squeezing more power out of your Subaru.

Give us a ring and we can talk about your specific vehicle and possible solutions.

Suspension Upgrades

Subaru Suspension Repair, Upgrade & Alignment

We do Subaru alignments every day, Monday through Saturday at our Glengarnock location.  We do other cars too!

There’s more than just alignment when it comes to handling.  In fact, we do a lot of shock, spring, strut repair and replacement.  We fit coilovers and can help adjust them to suit your ideal combination of performance and comfort.

If you’d like to talk about goals for your car, give us a call.