BMW Service, Repair & Enthusiast Upgrades

Everyone loves an M-series BMW – they’re a blast to drive.  But we gladly service, repair and upgrade BMW’s of all kinds at our Glengarnock JMA Motorsport garage.  So, whether you need an MOT, alignment, brakes, or basic repair services…. or want to discuss big horsepower upgrades, give us a call, or come by.

BMW Repairs

BMW Repair & Servicing

We service BMW’s in the Kilbirnie, Glengarnock and Beith areas of North Ayrshire, though we repair cars from all across Scotland, regularly.

If you need regular repair and service items like MOT’s, annual service, alignments, brakes or tyres, we do quality work with name brand OEM parts.  For horsepower mods we’ve done everything from forged motors with big turbos to larger engine swaps and remaps.

All work is fully guaranteed.  Call or come by to have a chat.


BMW Service

Turbo Service for BMW + Turbo Upgrades

Most BMW performance cars we work on are turbocharged, some diesel, most petrol (and a few running E85).  Regardless of whether your car or SUV runs big open, twin scroll or bi-twin, we can service and repair them.  

A lot of performance enthusiasts like turbo upgrades, along with an engine management remap, giving significant horsepower boosts, without being to costly.  We can work with factory turbos as well as big brand manufacturers, and even custom hybrids which combine smaller housings with bigger, custom wheels for max power in small packages.



BMW Repair

Engine Repair for BMW (upgrades too)

BMW’s are something we work on daily.  Some BMW engine repairs are small, like oil changes, spark plugs and timing belts.  Other times, it’s major overhauls due to catastrophic failure.

From 4 cylinders to big V-8’s, petrol and diesel, we also build (and rebuild) custom engines to fit whatever the application, including street, drifting, and more.  Come in and speak to one of our experts, or give us a call to discuss.


More BMW Repair

BMW Induction 

Exhaust, we can handle, as can many.  But, not everyone can make upgrades to BMW induction systems so the car breathes better.  We can repair or service any issues, as well as upgrade systems when extra performance is needed.

Whatever you’re needing from little stuff like big cone air filters or larger intake hoses, we can help you improve airflow to and from the engine (yes we do exhausts too).  Keep in mind that when you modify the airflow into the motor, it’s some of the least costly mods delivering modest, but noticeable horsepower gains.


BMW ECU Mapping & Remapping 

Sometimes, a straightforward ECU remap can be done for improved fuel economy or to increase low end torque (or high end horsepower).  It’s all down to what goals you have for your BMW vehicle.

In some cases, stock BMW ECU mapping can be done, with minimal cost and effort.  For others, it can mean upgrading the engine management system and adding cool features, as well as handling much greater horsepower upgrades.

Give us a ring, or stop by, and we’ll be glad to help find the perfect solution.

Suspension Upgrades

BMW Alignment & Suspension Work

Basic BMW 2 wheel drive car alignments are just £40, with BMW all wheel drive alignments only £80.

If you’d like a softer, or firmer ride, we can do that.  If you’d like to lower the vehicle for a more aggressive, or lovely, stance, we can do that too.  Shocks, coilovers, springs, arms – toe & camber adjustment…  we do it all right here in Glengarnock.

Why not give us a call and discuss?