JMA Motorsport – Types of Cars We Service

We’d love the chance to work on your car, whether it’s a standard daily driver, custom ‘fast street’ or dedicated race car.  While our team of expert mechanics are trained, and able to service, any make and model – we would recommend Citroen, Peugeot and Renault be taken to the manufacturer dealership for servicing.


Subaru Repair

Subaru Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Forester, BRZ++

Visit our shop and you’ll likely see half a dozen Subaru’s on the ramps at any time.  Our mechanic’s expertise in Subaru engineering is some of the best anywhere in Britain.

While we do MOT’s, annual servicing and basic repairs on a lot of cars, we do even more performance upgrade projects – ranging from turbo upgrades, engine swaps, ECU mapping, 4, 6 or 8 pot brake systems, dry sump, swirl pots – you name it, we do it.

Drop in and talk to the team in person, or give us a call to discuss your vehicle and the goals you’ve got in mind.  We’ll be happy to offer free advice and any work estimates.


Mitsubishi Repair

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Eclipse, Shogun, Outlander, Mirage

At JMA Motorsport, we have skilled Mitsubishi mechanics with 15+ years of hands-on experience working daily on Mitsubishi’s.

Besides basic maintenance and repair tasks like brakes, tyres, alignments, etc, we do a lot of big power performance upgrades with the 4G63 and 4G64, plus the occasional 6 cylinder engines as well.  500 horsepower? 600? 800? Your budget and imagination are the only limits.

Give us a call or stop by to discuss.

BMW Repairs

BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, M’s, X’s – All BMW Servicing

We happily service all BMW models at the same hourly rate as repairs on other brands (£40/hour) while some dealers are charging over £200/hour.

Annual servicing and standard repairs, like tyres, brakes, alignment – we do a lot of these.  We also do enthusiast projects, like converting a 3 Series into a truck and then swapping the motor for a V8 (from another BMW).  We do all kinds of work and project jobs.

Call today and we can discuss your particular needs, make a plan and give a quote.


Ford Repair

Ford Focus, Fiesta, Transit, KA, Edge, Galaxy, Mondeo & More

Although not an import, we work on Ford cars, trucks and vans just about every day we’re open.  Quality work, genuine parts and a fraction of the dealer price.

Besides regular autos, we do full fleet maintenance for several area businesses who rely on Ford Transit vans for transporting their goods up and down Scotland.  We also do performance upgrades for better handling, more horsepower, or even restoration.

Call us and we’ll go over just what you have in mind.

Vauxhall Repair

Vauxhall Astra, Corsa, Viva, Insignia, Mokka, Crossland++

We service all models of Vauxhall cars, vans and crossovers.  We also repair Vauxhall commercial trucks and vans.

Combining the convenience of drop-off & pick-up service, with our use of genuine parts and affordable hourly rates, our expert mechanics can handle any Vauxhall repair or upgrade that you’ve got in mind.  Annual servicing, MOT’s, tyres, brakes and much more – whatever you need!

Call and arrange a time when we can have a look and give you a quote for the work.

Volkswagen Repair

VW Golf, Passat, Polo, Tiguan, Touran, Toureg, Jetta, Arteon++

Volkswagen cars are another make of vehicle we see daily.  Often it’s just a matter of annual servicing or a bit of emergency repair, but we also get to do some big power upgrades for those wanting spirited driving pleasure.

VW are one of the manufacturers who now advise interim services at 1 year or 10,000 miles and major (traditional annual) services done at 2 years or 20,000 miles.  It’s your call if you’d like to go that far between major service events.

Call us today and we’ll arrange a quote for any work you require.